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Emma Rogers is a visual artist based in Glasgow. Working in 3 dimensional forms, she focuses on the sculptural qualities within origami.

Using origami as a methodical process of accumulative construction, Emma often destroys her work to ultimately preserve what becomes an alien landscape of form, texture and colour.

In ancient Japanese culture the origami fold Kusudama meaning ‘medicine ball’, a predominant feature in Emma’s work, were attached together to form a sphere, filled with incense or pot pourri and hung above pillows to dispel diseases and ensure good health. This almost medicinal element resonates in the way she strives to create a therapeutic process in her practice through repetition. Indeed every piece of work is arrived at through monotonous repetition. This slow movement of accumulative construction; unhurried and deliberate allows a balance of process and play, space to think and, ultimately, new ideas to grow.


Hidden Door Festival, Leith Theatre, Edinburgh, 2018

Re;play, The Suttie Arts Space, Aberdeen, 2018

Method(in the madness), Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, 2016

Black Cube Collective Annual Show, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh, 2014

Say Award Art Commission, CCA, Glasgow, 2014

Fleming-Wyfold Award Exhibition, The Fleming Collection, London, 2012